Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Seen to Fail Drop Test, Galaxy S10e Becomes Unusable After First Drop 😐 Leave a comment

Samsung Galaxy S10 series has currently undergone a drop check, and also the 3 phones weren’t able to survive the ordeal. All the 3 phones had shattered glass at the front and back in their initial drop itself, and also the Galaxy S10e was unusable thenceforth. SquareTrade conducted this drop check and created comparisons with the iPhone X lineup to point out users however the new Samsung flagships arise against one another and also the iPhone counterparts yet. whereas the 3 phones clearly fail the drop check, they appear to possess passed the bend and skin test done by JerryRigEverything recently.

SquareTrade conducted a drop check on all the 3 phones – the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Samsung Galaxy S10e. It threw all the phones from a 6-feet height and located that each one the 3 phones suffered glass injury. SquareTrade found that each one 3 of the Galaxy S10 models aren’t any match for concrete and crack on the primary drop, similar to the forerunner Galaxy S9 or perhaps Apple’s iPhone X models. Of all the 3 Galaxy S10 models, the Samsung Galaxy S10e was the smallest amount sturdy of all, and its screen malfunctioned and have become unusable. Even the lens and flash stopped acting on the back-side drop.

Of all the 3, the Samsung Galaxy S10 performed the simplest, and even if it cracked at the front and back within the initial face-down and back-down drops, it remained useful. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ conjointly remained useful even once shattered glass up front and back, however, the glass body became loose once suffering the primary drop.

The Galaxy S10 models suffered injury within the initial drops itself, similar to the iPhone X models and also the Galaxy S9 models throughout SquareTrade’s tests. The Galaxy S10e was unusable once the primary drop, similar to the iPhone X. However, the firm notes that the Galaxy S10 survived even higher than the iPhone XS goop however did not detail the kernel.

In JerryRigEverything’s recent testing, the Samsung Galaxy S10 passed the bending check and flame check with ease. Moreover, the unhearable in-display fingerprint device was conjointly seen to perform fine even once the show space higher than it had been heavily damaged.

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