RXO Exam Cheating Watch 2019


– Easier to use, more memory, faster and more discrete!
– WORD, PDF, TXT … (displays all types of documents NON SHINY)
– Able to unlock protected PDF documents.
– BMP, JPG and JPEG (displays images)
– The one that organizes your documents into folders
– Images in color or grayscale “you decide how to transfer”.
– Quickly access your files and view them with maximum clarity.
– Regulates the darkness of the text in the watch itself.
– Super-fast Emergency Button. Activate it not only from the text, even from the menu or any folder.
– Pressing the super-fast emergency button lock buttons and displays the time (in classic leds).
– Manual and automatic advance.
– Regulate the automatic feed speed from 5 to 120s “for slower copying”.
– Displays all kinds of symbols and scientific formulas (symbols software included).

– There are imitations with an identical design, but aren’t related with this product.
– Only Watch 2019 RXO displays its contents in DARK GREY (Menu, folders and icons)
– Only RXO 2019 watch shows the time in classic digits (Nothing flashy digits)
– Only original RXO watch display WORD and PDF, including protected PDF.
– Only original RXO watch incorporate 360º Anti-spy technology. No one around you can see the contents of your watch, only you right above it.
– Only original RXO watch include RXO software for transferring documents.
– Thinner and more memory than its predecessor (8GB internal memory), “Do not forget anything”
– More Battery Life ( 30%), “Do not get stuck right in the middle”
– No RXO front logo (is not as well known as we would like but we have removed it)

Even more…
– Screen over 16000 pixel resolution.
– Displays all kind of alphabet.
– MP3 and MP4 player.
– 16 configuration languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese …
– Original product, patented and owned by DIGITAL-MEMORY.

It is true that the exterior design of the 2019 and 2018 model is identical to many current watches, but what really matters is performance, its internal chip, memory, and as we said before is the only one that displays PDF and WORD, menus in gray, time display in classics digits, 360º antispyware technology, more battery life, includes RXO software and more

Included Accessories:
– USB cable for data transfer and charging.

– Cable headphones

RXO Software can be downloaded from this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qh80vr7wwypduw/CD-ROM RXO 2019 V2.0.rar?dl=0

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